I am a Medicine Woman. Magic maker. Dream weaver. I am in love with the earth and the human experience. I turn my wounds into purpose and
my pain into passion, leading me to harmony and freedom. 

I am simply a soul wanting to be seen as divinity as I see the divinity in others. A soul that is joyful, blissful, courageous and curious. 
My supreme eternal essence. My totality. 

Yoga teaches me this. 

My intention as a teacher is to guide others to wholeness and liberation. 
To live a life that is centered in compassion and to live in peace with the cyclical rhythms of the ever evolving world around us. To find balance in unbalanced times. To have access to peace in all-ways at all times.

Yoga teaches us this.

Yoga; an embodied practice that supports a lifestyle that connects the binding nature with the inner and outer world. Cultivating balance with the mind-body connection to ignite our soul and live a life of freedom.

 "What do you love about Laci?"

That she never assumes we know or remember how to manifest a posture simply by hearing the name of the pose. Her detailed instructions are perfectly helpful every time and given in a voice that soothes, encourages and instructs in a balanced manner. She always encourages us to modify poses if needed for safety and care. Her positive, joyful attitude!

- Patti Carroll